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Parents Feedback on Curriculum:

Student ID arent Name Date of Feed Back Program year Semester
Sl No Question Excellent (10) Very Good (8) Good (6) Average (4) Poor (0) Total score
1 How do you rate the program that your ward is undergoing in terms of the load of the courses in different semesters?
2 How do you rate the availability of the Text and reference books in the Market?
3 How do you rate the quality and relevance of the courses included into the semester?
4 How do you rate the teaching techniques adopted by teachers with respect to the requirement of syllabus?
5 How do you rate ambience of the college for effective delivery of the academic programs?
6 How do you rate the courses in terms of their relevance to the latest technologies or future technologies?
7 How do you rate the programs based on the comfort of your ward in coping with the workload?
8 How do you rate the level of motivation of your ward while undergoing the programme?
9 How do you rate the outcomes that your ward has achieved from the courses?
10 How do you rate the transparency of the internal evaluation system ?
11 Total

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