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Computer Center

The computer centre is well-equipped with computing resources to cater to the academic needs of the students. The centre is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help the students.

Key highlights of REC Computer Centre:

o The computer centre provides, updates, manages and ensures the smooth operation of computational facilities for all students, faculties, and departments.

o Complete technical help is provided to the users at the SAITM computer centre.

o The institute’s entire computer network is monitored and managed from the centralized computer centre.

o Computer facilities are offered for all administration-related work.

o The well-equipped and fully furnished computer centre offers access to the internet for students to perform laboratory work and gain additional knowledge.

o SAITM appoints exceptionally trained computer experts who can mentor students to be proficient in computer-related subjects, impart effective education to all students and help them become more tech-friendly.