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Undergraduate programs:

Our undergraduate program focuses on educating engineers to be properly equipped for successful careers in today's global economy. Our curriculum includes intensive classroom, laboratory, and hands-on learning. The work is challenging and the curriculum customizable. Engineering courses are required in the first year, giving students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with a discipline before choosing a major.

Graduate programs:

We offer a variety of traditional, as well as interdisciplinary graduate programs within a maker ecosystem that brings together faculty and students from many disciplines to create, physically realize, and evaluate solutions to complex problems in industry, government, and academia. Even before our students graduate, they are sought out for internships. Graduates of our programs have excellent opportunities awaiting them in industry, government, academia, and the corporate world. Our global network of alumni is changing what it means to be an engineer in the world. By using an authentic interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving that is the signature of REC, every day our engineers are making an impact.

Diploma programs:

The course has been designed at producing professionally trained Diploma Engineers to be engaged in Manufacturing and Service Industries all over India. The course basically focuses to equip the students with technical knowledge and skill so that students can avail placement opportunity through Campus Placement. The course is highly useful to the students interested for early placement.