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Students Feedback on Curriculum:

Department:        Roll no:        Degree:        UG / PG Year: I / II /III

Academic Year: 2019-2020

This questionnaire is intended to collect feedback relating to your satisfaction towards the curriculum, learning and evaluation. The feedback will be kept confidential and used for syllabus revision, restructuring of curriculum and quality improvement of the program.

Excellent (5) Very Good (4) Good (3) Average (2) Poor (1)

Kindly tick in the box that best corresponds to your opinion

Sl No Statement 5 4 3 2 1
1 How do you rate the syllabus of the course that you have gone through in relation to the expected teaching-learning process?
2 How do you rate the allocation of credits and hours to the courses?
3 How do you qualify the relevance of syllabus of each course to the recent trends and developments?
4 How do you assess the various papers in terms of their relevance to the specialization streams?
5 The entire syllabus was covered in the class
6 The teachers illustrate the concepts through examples and applications.
7 Your observation on the usage of ICT tools such as LCD projector, Multimedia, etc. by the teachers while teaching.
8 The level of preparedness of teachers for the classes
9 How well were the teachers able to communicate?
10 Fairness of the internal evaluation process by the teachers.
11 Your view on the discussion of outcome of your assignments with you?
12 The institute takes active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, field visit opportunities for students.
13 The teaching and mentoring process in your institution facilitates you in cognitive, social and emotional growth.
14 Teachers inform you about your expected competencies, course outcomes and programme outcomes.
15 The teachers identify your strengths and encourage you with providing right level of challenges.
16 Teachers are able to identify your weaknesses and help you to overcome them
17 How do you rate the learning resources that are available in the college (Library, Lab, ICT Provisions and others)?
18 How do you rate the various provisions for extension and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college?
19 Overall rating of the program and various facilities in the college
20 Rate the overall teaching-learning process in your institution

Give three observation / suggestions to improve the overall teaching – learning experience in your institution