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The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Cell

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System in our country with the motto of Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System. Being the only national organisation of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology, ISTE effectively contributes in various missions of the Union Government. The strength of ISTE is the strong base it has in technical education institutions in the country.

Objectives of ISTE:

Providing quality training programmes to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in the their fields of activity.

To assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organisations.

Providing guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality.

Outcome of ISTE:

Del justly and impartially with students regardless of their social ,economic regional and religious background.

Recognise the differences among students and seek to meet their individual needs.

Encourage students to work for higher individual goals. Id students to develop n understanding and appreciation not only of opportunities and benefits but also responsibilities.

Inculcate in students respect for teachers, love towards fellow students and loyalty to institution and the country.

Acquaint students with civic responsibilities and environment protection.

Accept no remuneration for tutoring except in accordance with approved policies of Government/Institutions.

DESIGNTION Name Of Members
CHAIRMAN (REC ISTE CHAPTER) Dr. Bimal Sarangi(Principal,REC,Bhubaneswar)
MEMBER(CSE) Prof. Shyamali Dash
MEMBER(ECE) Prof Sashi bhusan Panda
MEMBER(ME) Prof Manas Ranjan Das
MEMBER(MBA) Prof Sasmita Sahoo
MEMBER(CE) Prof Sharukh Mallick
MEMBER(EE/EEE) Prof Pradyumna Mallick
Sl.No Date Events
1 4.3.2021 Orientation programme 2021 for freshers
2 8.3.2021 International Women’s Day
3 1.2.2021 Heartfulness Enabled Leadership Mastery
4 25.01.2021 Debate Competition
5 23.01.2021 Webinar on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Jayanti
6 21.01.2021 Online Quiz Completion
7 12.01.2021 National Youth Day
8 14.11.2020 National Webinar on Data Science
9 21.11.2020 National Webinar on energy Management under large scale renewable energy Management
10 8.12.2020-11.12.2020 Web Counselling
11 4.11.2020 How to manage your study during online study
12 4.11.2020-9.11.2020 ISTE programme for B.Tech 1st year and 2nd years students
13 17.03.2018 State level Business Quiz competition
14 10.04.2018 Training programme on Basics of concrete technology
15 29.09.2018 Women cell right to sanitation a good habbit
16 15.09.2018 Essay competition skilling the youth of India
17 11.02.2018 International Women’s Day
18 20.07.2017 Industry Institute Interaction
19 14.12.2016 Energy and Environment
20 5.10.2018 Swatch REC campaign organised by Team Wash, REC Bhubaneswar
21 28.12.2018 Induction Programme for freshers
22 1.9.2018 Induction Programme 1st year B.Tech
23 1.9.2018 Prof. Sudmacharan Satapathy for conducting diagnostic test nd dept visit.
24 20.09.2017 Awareness programme on Sanitation Hygiene and health care
25 15.09.2018 Celebration of Engineer’s Day
26 25.03.17 Brain Bowl
27 15.08.2017 ISTE student chapter Independent Day
28 24.02.2018 National Workshop on Embedded system using Ardino