Research Area (Electrical & Communication Engineering Dept.)

Analog Circuit Design

EMI effect on Electro Med Devices & Exposer to Mobile Base Station & RF Radiation Biological Body

System-on-Chip Design and Test

Network-on-Chip Design and Test

Low Power VLSI Design and Test

VLSI based embedded system design for signal/image processing , Biomedical Instrumentation

Rf & Microwave Communication

RF/Microwave/ Wireless Engg, EM Propagation

Electromagnetic Scattering (RCS)

Applied Electromagnetics

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

Video Processing

Content based Medical Image Retrieval

Ad Hoc Networks

Optical WDM Networks

Distributed Systems

Multiple-Valued Logic Algebra and Related Aspected

Biomedical Signal Processing

Speech Processing

VLSI Architecture Design

Digital Communication

Image Processing

Computer Vision

Automated Visual Inspection

Multimedia Network

Audio based Surveillance

Parallel and Distributed Systems

Image and Video coding

Optical and Wireless networks

Fiber Optics, Nano photonics, Fiber Optic Components, Fiber Amplifiers & Lasers, Photonic Crystals

VLSI Design for Video Processing and Communication

Antennas including Smart antenna and MIMO antenna


Impulse Radiating Antenna


Digital Beamfforming

satellite communication

MEMS and Microsystems

RF and Analog VLSI


Image and Video Processing

Multimedia Coding

Multimedia Communication and Signal Processing

Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuits, Antennas and Mathematical Techniques used in Electromagnet

Communication Networks

Queuing Theory

Stochastic Processes